Writing and hardware

Done some more work on the ldetect-lst front: rationalized a few more graphics card drivers, changed NVIDIA a bit since nv doesn't currently support the latest G80 core, and added a few IDs I found in upstream pci.ids and the source code for various drivers. Unfortunately, Anssi Hannula discovered a rather large bug in XFdrake which will cause all Radeon cards to be incorrectly configured for 3D acceleration in 2007.1 RC1 (not my fault :>) - more details (got the documentation in first).

Aside from that, at the suggestion of a Cooker list poster, I wrote up a couple of documentation pages today:

Installing Mandriva Linux and Writing CD and DVD images. These should be pretty definitive, so if you want to give someone instructions on installing Mandriva or writing ISOs...link here :)

Saw a wonderful example of the essential egocentric nature of people yesterday: the Skytrain (local light rail service) pulled into the station, with most carriages standing room only one carriage completely empty. About 80% of the people on the platform made for the doors of this carriage. A second of rational thought would make it fairly obvious that the carriage is empty because the doors aren't working, but...


yoho wrote on 2007-03-11 12:01:
Yeah talking about trains and people. Have you noticed how many people are walking in the same direction than the carriages as the tube arrives at the station, desperately hoping to have a door right in front of them ? If you just think about it, you have as much chance to be in front of one door by walking in the same direction than by walking in the opposite direction or even by not moving at all... If you see someone in Brussels walking in the opposite direction and bumping into people, it's me ;)