2007.1 RC1 available

note to news outlets PLEASE do not carry this as a story yet; when we are ready for this to hit news sites we will let you know. Thanks.

2007.1 RC1 is now available from a mirror near you. Sorry, no release notes up yet. This should be significantly improved from beta 2. Unfortunately there's one very large bug remaining: 3D acceleration is not correctly configured on Radeons (all Radeons). The correct driver will be used and it will work partially, but the wrong GL library configuration is used (fglrx cards get the configuration for the free driver, free driver cards get the configuration for the fglrx driver), which causes glxinfo to report direct rendering as No and I think stops 3D desktop stuff working. The workaround is posted here.

Apart from that this should be good, though. NVIDIA card detection and configuration should be basically perfect, drak3d has been improved, rpmdrake and MandrivaUpdate are vastly improved. Download it and give it a shot, and file bugs on Bugzilla.

I wrote a couple more new documentation pages last night: Installing and removing software and Installing from source.


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