Some more cool stuff happening at Mandriva lately: Vincent Danen has been working on Bugzilla. Our current bugzilla is occasionally nicknamed 'warlyzilla', as it's a heavily customised Bugzilla 2.x that was built (or, more accurately, grown...) by Warly over several years. No-one else really understands the patches and it's more or less impossible to maintain as it's so far diverged from upstream. It's also very slow because the database is gigantic.

So we're doing the sensible thing, and dumping it. We're moving to Bugzilla 3.0 and sticking as close to upstream as possible, so it'll be simple to maintain and update. Vincent's also been able to reduce the database size so it's massively faster. You can check out his progress at the test site. Please don't try and use it, though, as no maintainer will actually be following their bugs here, and the database will be dropped and re-merged with the old one when the work is complete, so any change made on the test site will be lost. It's just for looking!

Personally, I've been working on the communications related to our presence at aKademy and GUADEC. I also happened to pick up a bug report (because it was assigned to Lenny) which complained that our build of EDE was out of date. EDE is a lightweight desktop environment that's kinda reminiscent of Windows 9x, built on top of EFLTK, a fork of FLTK maintained by the same people as EDE. It's rather hacky (the default 'start menu' structure is hard coded into the initial build and may well reference packages that aren't installed at all, for instance), but pretty fast.

The packages were in a bit of a state, so I took some time to clean them up nicely. So we're now the only major distro with a working, up-to-date build of both EFLTK and EDE. (Actually almost no other distros have it packaged at all). I even customized the EDE build a bit to link to apps that are more likely to exist, have entries for RPMdrake and the Control Center on the start menu, use a Mandriva background by default and stuff. I also contributed a couple of patches upstream to fix various problems with the build. It's nice to do something productive...


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