Navit - route navigation system for Linux

I mentioned yesterday I was working on a package for Navit, a route navigation system for Linux. This morning I worked out the kinks in it with Adam Pigg, who requested the package, and one of the upstream developers. They integrated some of my patches into upstream and fixed some of the issues I'd noticed - see revisions 1902, 1901, and 1900, and I cleaned up a few other things and sent the package through. It will be in Cooker and 2009 /contrib/backports soon. It comes with a demonstration map of Munich, but you can get maps for most other places, and configure the display in quite a few different ways, so check out the Wiki for more information on it. Might be an interesting thing to use on a netbook in a car.

I also sent through the package for Kiax 2.1 beta 1 to Cooker, so now only wxhaskell is holding out with a wxGTK 2.6 dependency; I still haven't sorted out the strange bug I have with the wxGTK 2.8 build yet, hoping to find some time to look at that soon.

And, of course, I did the forums. But I took a couple of hours off to watch Canada win the world junior hockey championship. Hah - take that, Swedes.

Comments wrote on 2009-01-06 13:44:
Could you pack Droid font family from android project? Gentoo and arch have included it. See:;a=tree;f=data/fonts;hb=HEAD It is better to pack DroidSansFallback.ttf (for CJK) to an independent package.
adamw wrote on 2009-01-06 18:16:
Sure, I can take a look at it. Thanks for the pointer.
lfields wrote on 2009-01-07 15:58:
Adam, Is this comparable to "roadmap" I really would like a program like that, (need a streets and trips replacement). Used roadmap and liked it, and the newest version is supposed to be much better. I have been waiting for the newest version to get put into the 2009 repo's, but it hasn't shown up yet. Any chance the newest roadmap program will get packaged for mandriva soon? Roadmap 1.1.0 is the most current. Thanks
adamw wrote on 2009-01-08 01:17:
Roadmap's not one I was aware of, let me look it up... ...okay. Yes, it's broadly similar, but navit is much more 'current generation', it's broadly designed to be able to mimic, say, how a Garmin system works. That's where it gets its UI cues. I'll take a look and see if I can update the Roadmap package. Thanks for the pointer.