Quiet day

Well, to be honest, I took it a bit easy today - just did the forums, cleaned up a bit on the Errata, and a bit of packaging too. Did come across one interesting issue as I was doing the Errata - this one. It seems that in 2009 there's quite a high chance of Splashy interfering with a successful resume from hibernation. Either disabling graphical boot (or just Splashy, but it's pretty much the same result) or pressing Esc early during resume from hibernation can avoid this problem.

Also came across an interesting issue with AMSN reported on the forums; apparently, it fails to launch when the SCIM input method (for Chinese / Japanese / Korean input) is chosen. So I'm working with the reporter on a workaround to launch it with XIM as the input method instead. Will probably have to add that to the Errata once we have it sorted.

But yep, I kinda ran into a wall around 6:30pm so I just gave up and watched the Leafs lose instead. Always quality entertainment!


samsoul75 wrote on 2009-01-07 16:37:
LOL, especially when they lose so badly indeed :D