Taking it easy

Ahh, I'm enjoying this.

Still, I did a bit of packaging. Updated amsn in Cooker to current SVN, which fixes a problem with login mostly not working that was affecting Cooker users. And it's 100% more shiny.

Helped Anssi update NVIDIA driver to 180.22, and he backported it to 2009, since it's a stable release now. So I backported ldetect-lst. If you have a very new NVIDIA card that needs it to work, or you want to upgrade to see if it improves performance or try out the new VDPAU stuff, you can follow these instructions to get the new version. I also backported radeonhd 1.2.4 to go along with the updated ldetect-lst.

Updated springlobby to the latest release. Also mostly updated synce to 0.13, though there's a patch broken in sync-engine I have to sort out tomorrow. And updated webkit and midori and enabled HTML5 video support in webkit, though it doesn't seem to work 100% in Midori at least - might take a look into that later.


eugeni wrote on 2009-01-15 12:57:
Ohh the only problem with latest NVIDIA drivers is that prevent machines from suspending to ram. When you return from suspend, your machine will crash for good. So I wouldn't update to it if s2ram is a must.