Public Service Announcement

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Hereafter follows a HappyAssassin Public Service Announcement:

If you are thinking of converting your Mandriva system's root partition to ext4: don't.

This information is brought to you by Adam's afternoon spent salvaging the consequences of said operation...

In other news, I spent yesterday tweaking my new system. It's now running 3.34GHz (8x416) at a lower voltage. Ran mprime without errors or throttling for 8 hours (overnight last night), maximum core temperature 71 on core 1, so it seems pretty solid. Uploaded a few benchmarks to Phoronix Global - sadly some bugger's already run an overclocked Core i7 through their suites, so I didn't set any records. Bah. Also ran a bootchart. Yes, Ubuntu 9.04 may very well boot in 21.4 seconds, but my system - running x86-64 Cooker with no tweaks - boots, according to bootchart, in 16. (I'd post the chart but there seems to be a bug in bootchart in Cooker which prevents it shutting down once gdm is up, so the chart goes on until I manually kill bootchartd, so it doesn't look very clean). I can get from grub to a fully functional GNOME desktop with Firefox running in 27. Which just goes to prove you can solve any problem by throwing enough hardware at it! The ext4 thing was based on me wondering if it'd make boot any faster, but that's not going to fly yet. My master plan is to buy a couple of the new OCZ Apex SSDs when they come out, and run 'em in RAID-0 on btrfs. If I can get Mandriva to accept that setup for a root partition (may involve some hacking...), I think I could get easily under 15...

Picked up Rock Band 2 last night, been playing it (and probably annoying the neighbours) today while the system reinstalled itself (le sigh). I am incredibly happy that they put in a high-speed scrolling mode. I can actually read the damn charts now. I'm about halfway through all the new songs, 5* on everything so far, a couple of full combos. Fun fun. (Again, I'm HappyAssassin on PlayStation Network for anyone who wants to look me up).

Luongo's back tonight. Maybe we can stop sucking now! Maybe? Please?


schultz wrote on 2009-01-16 15:24:
Adam, if you ever get MDV to boot on btrfs tell me how, I have been trying for quite some time, and trashed about 8 installs doing it. Donald
adamw wrote on 2009-01-16 16:25:
It won't work until there's supports in the initscripts / initrd.
schultz wrote on 2009-01-20 03:35:
Yeah, but I would guess that it they will appear and be usable with some addition to the kernel and what not before Mandriva add them.
schultz wrote on 2009-01-28 18:48:
Adam, this might be of interest:
adamw wrote on 2009-01-28 18:55:
Yeah, I knew about it, but thanks. Just gotta wait for somewhere to start selling the drives I want now...
schultz wrote on 2009-01-29 02:34:
Or for the kernel not to panic in my case, I wonder if it is a vbox issue, tomorrow will tell. Did you run bootchart with anything other than ext4? I noticed a drop from 45 seconds to 36 seconds by just changoing from JFS to it.