20 Second Startup test day follow up, etc

Sorry I haven't posted about work much lately, haven't had time - had quite a lot of non-work stuff to do lately.

So, last Thursday we had the 20 Second Startup project Test Day. It went really well, which was great. We had a good turnout of people both from inside RH and from the Fedora community, and got a good set of test results. Harald was a superhero in sticking around for 18 straight hours, and he was able to make some useful changes based on the data we got, so it was definitely a productive day. Thanks to everyone who came along and contributed test results, and please continue to come to future test days, and consider helping out with other QA projects!

Have to mention Fred Crozat's Speedboot project back at Mandriva, in this context. It looks like the logical progression in boot time improvement and his preliminary results look impressive. I meant to try this out over the weekend but didn't get time in the end. I pointed it out to Harald, and he said he's been thinking along very similar lines, so something similar may come into Fedora in the future.


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