Bank job

From this story:

"Police saw the girl smashing a computer monitor with a keyboard and flinging the keyboard against a window, breaking it."

Now I'm willing to bet money that was a fine IBM Model M keyboard, just like mine. Weighs a good four pounds with its solid metal backing plate. Useful for both typing and home defence.

If you went out for a good day's civil disobedience and trying smashing in the window of a capitalist overlord with one of today's crappy plastic keyboards you'd just look laughable...



quaid wrote on 2009-05-04 04:36:
I feel a good, strong keyboard is your best defence against bands of ninja assassins. Especially when you work in an office. Remember - the fighting weapons of Karate were originally farming tools. When the peasants were denied access to edged weapons, they learned to fight with what they had on hand.