SSSD Test Day on Thursday

This Thursday, April 30th, will be a Test Day for SSSD, the System Security Services Daemon. SSSD provides several key enhancements to Fedora 11, including:

  • Offline caching for network credentials
  • LDAP connection pooling
  • D-Bus InfoPipe service for extending user information (e.g. face browser images, preferred language, etc..)

A lot of prep work has going into making this test day a reality. Test cases have been defined, a fedora-infrastructure hosted LDAP server will be available for testing, detailed setup instructions defined and all of it pulled together in a pre-configured live image to make testing easier. So please make all our effort (well, not mine, I was busy fighting with mixers) worthwhile, and come out to #fedora-qa to help with testing! If you're not sure how to use IRC, see these instructions.


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