Bug information pages, severity and priority, fit and finish and more

I shall be off work for the next week (plus weekends), so you'll probably see things slow down in this blog too. But before I go away, I thought I'd post an update on some of the exciting stuff that's been happening in QA and BugZappers lately.

The long-running project to use the severity and priority fields in Bugzilla is finally at an end. I've sent an announcement to -devel-announce which has not yet been approved, but the meat is that the severity field will be set by triagers during triage, according to the policy in the bug workflow page, to indicate how significant the bug is. The priority field will be reserved for maintainers to use, if they so choose, to organize their workload as they choose.

We have been working, lately, to improve and create pages dedicated to explaining how to debug issues in particular components, and how to provide appropriate information when filing bugs on those components. This grew out of a proposal made by Jóhann Guðmundsson to improve bug reporting. These pages are centrally linked to from the main page on proper bug reporting procedure and can also be found in the 'Debugging' category. One example of a page that's been substantially revised is the page on X.org.

Finally, Matej Cepl and the rest of the Desktop team have been working on a project called Fit and Finish to work on the small details that make a polished desktop experience. This will be based around a series of Test Days focussing on the user experience rather than specific developer-driven 'features'. I've been helping to set up the test days and it's also acting as a good test of the SOP I wrote for running test days, which we intended to help with projects like this where a different group takes ownership of its own track of Test Days. Their first event on display configuration is happening this coming Tuesday (in #fedora-fitandfinish on IRC), so please come out to support these events!

It's good to see all these exciting projects going on, and I hope they'll reflect in the quality and innovation in future Fedora releases, starting with Fedora 12. See you all in a week or so.


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