back home, some work done!

Got back home to Vancouver today, and worked all afternoon (which at least should help me avoid jet lag). Feeling extremely fatigued now, but I've done a couple of useful bits: First, I (finally) pushed builds of congruity to Rawhide, F10 and F11. For now they're just in updates-testing for F10 and F11, but I'll push them to updates quite quick as they're unintrusive new packages and can't really break anything. I've written about it before - that post has full details on what it's for - but as a quick reminder for anyone who missed that, it's a Linux GUI frontend for the web programming system for Logitech Harmony remotes. Just install that package and run through the web service, and all will work. Er, hopefully. Let me know if not!

Second, I did an updated build of Navit, the GPS navigation software I've been poking at lately. It's been stuck not working because of a bug in freetype for a while, now, so I've given up waiting for the freetype bug to be fixed, and instead sent a build with a workaround for the bug over to the review request. Hopefully we can have a package up in the official repositories in fairly short order.

Alright - now I'm going to sleep!


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