Test Day update: Xfce Test Day Thursday 2009-09-24

Time for another Test Day update! This coming Thursday, 2009-09-24, will be Xfce Test Day. The Xfce spin of Fedora is popular among Xfce enthusiasts, and the maintainer Kevin Fenzi is always keen to have it as polished as possible for each Fedora release, so please come out to Freenode IRC #fedora-test-day and help us make sure Xfce is in good shape for Fedora 12. There will be a live image available for testing, and testing is pretty straightforward: all we need you to do is use Xfce just as you usually would, and check to make sure everything's working properly. We're also interested in seeing if the official Xfce browser, Midori, is good enough to be the default browser on the Xfce live spin. Thanks to all who come along to help test!


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