News: Blocker bug review on Friday, video acceleration updates

Just some miscellaneous news items. This Friday, 2009-09-25, will be the third Fedora 12 Beta blocker bug review meeting: it's at 15:00 UTC in Freenode #fedora-bugzappers . Please do come along if you're interested in helping make Fedora 12 Beta release go as smoothly as possible. If you have any bugs you think are important to be fixed before the Beta is released, please do come along and propose them. All are welcome!

Video acceleration stuff: I sent an updated libva to my repository a couple of days ago. An updated mplayer-accelerated should be coming soon. I've been working with the RPM Fusion mplayer maintainer; hopefully we'll be able to update the Fusion package to be a recent mplayer snapshot and include VDPAU support, soon, now libvdpau is in Fedora. This will likely be only for F12. We're also planning to roll the libva support into the package for F13.

Gwenole has emailed me to let me know about gnash-vaapi, which is a modified version of gnash that supports VAAPI acceleration of h264-encoded Flash video (so, for e.g., YouTube HD videos). It only works with certain libva implementations, though, not including the Poulsbo one at present, which makes it tricky for me to test. It should work with NVIDIA via vdpau-video, apparently. I may try to get it packaged anyway.


voltagex wrote on 2009-09-24 06:13:
Does this mean there's a new version of VAAPI around? The current version of mplayer-vaapi I've tried is a little bit unstable.
adamw wrote on 2009-09-26 08:30:
libva = vaapi. so yes, there's a new version of it. there's a newer mplayer-vaapi I haven't got around to build yet, also.