Miscellaneous annoyance of the day

I bought Dollhouse season 1 on Blu-Ray recently (not a recommendation, yet - I actually didn't watch it at all on TV, partly because of the poor initial reviews, but I tend to watch more TV in winter due to the weather anyway and thought I really ought to check it out). Sat down to watch the first episode last night, and marvelled as I had to sit through six different trailers - which could be individually skipped, but from which it's not allowed to skip to the top menu - before I could actually get in and watch an episode.

Hello? Fox? I just paid you my hard-earned money to buy the show. It's bad enough that you did such a cheap job of the packaging (there's not even a fricking episode guide insert), you absolutely do not get to spam me with irritating, experience-breaking trailers every time I load up the fricking disc. Please get a clue or I shan't be buying any more of your products in future (they are available in much more convenient form, you know. I'm sure you know what I mean). Thank you.

Side note: you may notice I've switched back to the old theme for the blog, and there's no ads any more. I've been meaning to stop running the ads ever since I got my new job, just didn't get around to it yet. Switching the theme back seemed kind of appropriate for switching back to just being a little personal blog site...


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