Anaconda storage Test Day tomorrow

It's Test Day time again. Tomorrow - Thursday 2009-10-01 - is Anaconda storage Test Day. Due to some changes in approach, this Test Day has had a bit of an identity crisis, but the end result is we're basically looking for testing of all possible storage scenarios during installation except the use of software RAID, which will be covered in its own special Test Day the following week.

Of course, as this is an installation-related Test Day, unlike most Test Days you will require a spare system, partition or virtual machine to which to install. Ideally we want testing on as wide as possible a range of storage configurations - different disk controllers, hard disks, partition layouts, LVM configurations and so forth. Many possible test cases are available on the Wiki page. Most people remember that Anaconda's storage code was extensively rewritten for Fedora 11, so we'd like to have lots of testing in Fedora 12 so we can be sure to be back up to the usual standards of support. Please come out and help test if you can!

As always, the Test Day runs all day in #fedora-test-day on the Freenode IRC network, and both QA team members and Anaconda developers will be present to help work on any problems that arise.


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