What the screaming hell?

Ticketmaster's gouging appears to have passed beyond the realm of the outrageous into the outright fricking absurd. Buying two tickets for a concert, face value $26.50 per ticket, incurs a 'convenience charge' of $9.50 per ticket, it seems.

Um, hello? What? Is there anyone out there? In what universe do the onerous services involved in issuing tickets - which promoters and venues seemed to do with remarkably little trouble themselves in the past, and which guys in loud ties have been able to do at minimal overhead in fleapits the world over for millennia - justify a charge of more than one third the cost of the fucking ticket? Or, to put it even more simply, nearly ten bucks per tiny slip of fucking paper?

And I wonder why I don't go to shows any more...well, there you go. Seems Pearl Jam had it right all along.


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