FUDCon: any other arcade fans out there? and misc other stuff

So, here's a suggestion - for future FUDCons, there should be a mailing list participants can sign up to for pre-event organizing. Things like planned events and gatherings and meals and rideshares and stuff. I think that would be helpful.

Since there isn't such a thing, I'll post my question here, in the hopes most attendees will catch it on Planet Fedora. Are there any other arcade gamers going to FUDCon Toronto? As only those who've been paying attention for a long time will probably remember, I'm a major DrumMania addict, as in 'I currently play two hours a day despite the increasingly-hard-to-ignore muscle pain in my right leg', so I was kinda thinking about checking out Lovegety Station at some point while FUDCon's going on. It seems to be Toronto's excuse for a decent Japanese-style arcade. It'd be cool if anyone else was interested in coming along.

edit: I suppose someone may be scratching their head and thinking, well, we're going to Dave & Buster's for FUDPub anyway, right? This is true. However, Dave & Buster's is a rather different type of arcade. It's more aimed at the 'Americans nostalgic for the 1980s' (and also 'drunk enough to spend large amounts of money on dodgy flight simulators') crowd. Lovegety is a modern Asian-style arcade. So, um, to sum up - Lovegety: Maximum Tune and Gundam. Dave and Buster's: Pong. Get it? Got it? Good. :)

I upgraded my HTPC to Mandriva 2010 today, as well. Now that was smooth - just did a plain old urpmi update and everything worked on reboot, including the proprietary NVIDIA driver I run on it (to get VDPAU acceleration). Well, my remote control is broken but that's not MDV's fault, something not playing nice with the 2.6.31 i2c support rewrite. Booting to a 2.6.29 kernel fixes it for now. Nice work, everyone. Honestly the distro release I'm running doesn't make a lot of difference to an HTPC setup, but I upgrade it every release anyway just to make sure I've got the latest versions of stuff.

I'm procrastinating heroically about my FUDCon preparation. I'm supposed to be giving a presentation there, haven't written a word of it yet. Fortunately James asked me for a summary of it ahead of time, or else I'd probably be writing it on the plane, knowing how I am with deadlines. :) It will be good, though. Looking forward to catching up with a lot of people about a lot of projects while I'm there.


thefinalzone wrote on 2009-12-01 19:13:
I used to frequently go to arcade. Never player DrumMania before (I did play DDR) but it should not be hard.
Duv Jones wrote on 2009-12-01 19:19:
You know, I have been known to do Lovegetty for a bit now. If you would care for it, I would be more than happy to join you for that mission. Duv
adamw wrote on 2009-12-01 19:49:
thefinalzone: they have many different games there, I expect they have a few DDR machines. Most arcades do. duv: cool, that'd be fun. :) What games does Lovegety have at the moment? What do you play?
Duv Jones wrote on 2009-12-01 20:50:
adamw: I know they have a collection of the Bemani series (DDR, the mania's [Beat and Drum] and I think IIDX) something from Guitar Hero but it's mostly a big hive of fighters. So Blazblue, Street Fighter (2, 3: Third Strike and 4), King of Figthers ('98 UM and '02 UM), Tekken, Gundam Vs, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, I think that they still have Melty Blood... etc. And they have a few racers, mostly Initial D. As you can tell, I am mostly an old fighter fan. I have been working on some BlazBlue for a while and am complaint on KoF. I am known to Gundam V. Gundam NEXT... if I get some time alone with the cab... Dvu
adamw wrote on 2009-12-01 21:03:
sounds cool. Fighting games are the ones I'm worst at, pretty much =) I mostly only play DM but I dabble in the driving games occasionally. do you happen to know which version of GF/DM they have? probably something between V3 and V6.
Duv Jones wrote on 2009-12-01 23:21:
I am not too sure, the spot that they have it in is pretty out of the way from the central hive. Last time that I glanced at the cabs, I think that it was V6... but again, it's not much of my thing so I could be wrong. They do have them, you will have a gathering around them... but they are not in the same spot as the fighters and racers (which is pretty much at the front) so it's surprisingly more private than an Pacific Mall arcade (where the DDR And IIDX cabs are at the door and right beside the SF4 Cab... it can get VERY congested on a Friday/Satarday)
adamw wrote on 2009-12-02 01:51:
that's good. worst thing about the place I usually go here is the DM cab is in a kind of narrow bit right next to the entrance and the Midnight Tune cabs so you're forever having people knocking into you as they walk by, heh...
thefinalzone wrote on 2009-12-02 04:55:
adawn, I will see you this Friday. will be in Toronto around 14:24.
mellory wrote on 2009-12-02 07:15:
Good idea on the list. I think we could have used https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/fudcon-planning for that this time around, but maybe we need a fudcon-attendees list to be separate (and publicized as such).