FUDCon update

I'm here at FUDCon Toronto. At the moment in the Infrastructure team's session on collaboration - very interesting.

Arrived yesterday afternoon and happened to run into the rest of the QA Mafia in the airport, we took a cab to the hotel and then hit Boston Pizza for dinner and the Irish Pub (it's actually called Dub Linn Gate, but Irish Pub is much better) for drinks. Met loads of people, but spent most of Irish Pub talking sports with j-rod for some reason!

Got back to the hotel at 1:30 then sat in the lobby with Jon McCann and Mel Chua and others having an earnest discussion about the mission statement for two hours, then woke up at 8 for the bus to the conference, so I'm running on adrenaline right now...

I gave my QA talk this afternoon - had a dozen or so people show up, which is more than I expected going up against 'what's new in X.org and the kernel' :). I think it went quite well - thanks a lot to James and Denise for their helpful leading questions! I'll throw up links to my slide deck and the IRC log of the session later.

Tonight is FUDPub, which will be fun, and then the next two days are hackfests - I seem to be booked by about fifteen different teams so I expect they'll be busy. I've been having lots of fun so far at my first FUDCon, I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Been taking pictures and things which will show up later, and I may video some talks.

If you're here and want to chat about anything at all, please do grab me! I've got my name badge on.


Colonel de Guerlass wrote on 2009-12-13 15:22:
What does FUDCon mean (I fear undoubtedly I am in deep trouble with acronyms, except very usual ones)?
adamw wrote on 2009-12-13 17:41: