so at 9:45am today I was lining up to get into a restaurant in downtown.

by 11:30am I was with a bunch of 20 people in the mezzanine of the Hyatt hotel, with 500 other people going completely nuts.

around 3pm, the entire hotel just went insane, and by 4pm we were all out on robson & granville - with about 200,000 other people - screaming and yelling and giving random high fives and generally going crazy. I mean, this is Vancouver - a city which sort of quietly prides itself on never taking anything too seriously - but today was...well, there's no word to describe it. I wasn't in Boston after the Red Sox won in 2004, but I guess it must've been about the same. I was in Manchester when United won the triple, and it was nothing like this. It was the kind of thing that only happens to a city very rarely, and it was just great to be there then.

apparently tickets for the upper deck were going at $5,000 before the game. probably wasn't worth that. close, though!

in fifty years you'll be able to say 'crosby, vancouver, 2010' and anyone alive in Canada at the time will know what you mean. probably nothing like that will happen again for a while. that was a really fun day.



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