Where's Adam?

Meanwhile, in travel news...

Next weekend, 2011-07-23 and 2011-07-24, I shall be in Portland at the Community Leadership Summit, where I'm hoping to give my talk on lessons learned in Fedora QA (I say 'hoping to' because it's an unconference; if no-one wants to listen to my talk I'll go to someone else's!) The attendee list looks interesting and it'll be good to catch up with Jono again.

In August - 2011-08-17 to 2011-08-19 - I'll be at Linuxcon. This won't actually involve travel, because Linuxcon is happening in Vancouver this year. I wasn't planning to go at first because I couldn't really justify the expensive registration, but I've managed to dodge around that thanks to Sri offering me a guest star spot in his talk on GNOME 3. We'll be presenting to a room half-full of gently snoring attendees in the very last slot on Friday afternoon - join us there and catch up on your sleep! There's a pitch for you.

Do drop me a line if you know me and you'll be in town for Linuxcon - I'll try and find some neat places to go for lunch and dinner (on nights when there aren't swanky conference dinners, that is). Vancouver's a great city, and it's beautiful here in August.


spot wrote on 2011-07-14 19:40:
I had assumed it was still on fire, or at the very least, not safe for a Bruins fan to visit. ;)
adamw wrote on 2011-07-14 21:06:
On fire? Hah. Vancouver doesn't really have the whole riot thing down. They only managed to burn like six cop cars. If this was LA it wouldn't have made the local news...
spot wrote on 2011-07-25 21:05:
Since I have leftover travel budget, I'm seriously considering going to LinuxCon this year. The schedule looks pretty good. Have to clear it with the wife though, will let you know if I end up in Vancouver. Can I bring you any Bruins gear? ;)
adamw wrote on 2011-07-25 22:06:
I'm running out of firewood, so yes! ;) It'd be great to see you in Vancouver - shame you weren't at CLS, the licensing roundtable just didn't have enough conflict for my taste!