Fedora 15 on Amazon EC2 Test Day this Thursday

It's time for an out-of-cycle Test Day: this Thursday, 2011-08-04, will be the Fedora 15 on Amazon EC2 Test Day. We'll have AMIs - pre-built 'appliance type' Fedora 15 images for the EC2 cloud - available for testing, so all you have to do is start one up and carry out the test instructions. As you need an account to use EC2, and it costs real money, we'll be offering up to $5 per person in repayments to the first 10 people to help out with the Test Day. If you're a cloud-y type - especially if you use EC2 - please come join us in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC on Thursday! You can join in via WebIRC if you're not a regular IRC user.


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