Impotent note to the world's media

I can read whatever it is you have to say in 30 seconds. I do not want to spend five minutes watching a tortuously padded video version of it, with 30 seconds of ads tacked on the front. Do Not Want. It's especially annoying if the story looks interesting and there's no goddamn text version of it. Would it kill you to have a write-up under the video?


dan.j.allen wrote on 2011-08-11 03:16:
I like the idea of having both a video and a transcript. Sometimes, I enjoy just sitting back and watching or listening, giving my eyes a rest for a change. On the other hand, if I'm rushed, I'll just skip to the text. What I think this is really about is unlocking the content that's in the video so that there is a faster way to consume it. Reminds me of OSS in a way :)