On the new anaconda

For those who wondered why we made such drastic changes to anaconda over the last few releases, Will Woods has written a great explanation here. No, it was not just change for the sake of change. Yes, it was all done for a reason, and the pace of improvement in the installer will now be much more rapid than it was before.


Leslie Satenstein wrote on 2013-02-20 15:23:
For all the rants about anaconda, I for one am delighted with the new layouts, and ease of use. As an old developer (50 years of writing code), I know the effort behind a design, and the hours dedicated to fixing the buglets. I had two spare disks on two systems, so I tested anaconda natively as a 64bit and as a 32bit installation. (Just as I do my own code). Why two tests? Well, just see below. I did manual partitioning, it worked just fine. So all the gryping about? Wonder why I test with 32bit and 64bit? Check out the definition of uint32 below. #ifndef __WORDSIZE #include #endif // typedef unsigned long uint32; // #if __WORDSIZE == 64 typedef unsigned int uint32; #else typedef unsigned long uint32; #endif