No more Wordpress!

So I finally managed to bite the bullet and move my blog off Wordpress! I've tried this multiple times over the last few years but always sort of ran out of gas, but this time I finished the job. I'm using Nikola, and with a bit of poking around, managed to convert my entire blog, including existing comments. I don't intend to allow new comments or user registrations, but I wanted to keep the existing ones visible.

More or less all old URLs should be redirected properly. This domain is still set up in a really icky way that I should redo sometime, but that's gonna have to wait till I get some more roundtuits. I didn't bother trying to copy the theme I was using before, I'm just using one of the stock Nikola themes with minor tweaks to display the comments, so the site's appearance is a bit different now, but hey, it's just a blog.

I killed my tt-rss deployment and an old cgit deployment I had forgotten I had running at the same time. Now if I can find some time to switch from Roundcube to Mailpile or something, I can uninstall PHP forever...


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