Fedora 32 release and Lenovo announcement

It's been a big week in Fedora news: first came the announcement of Lenovo planning to ship laptops preloaded with Fedora, and today Fedora 32 is released. I'm happy this release was again "on time" (at least if you go by our definition and not Phoronix's!), though it was kinda chaotic in the last week or so. We just changed the installer, the partitioning library, the custom partitioning tool, the kernel and the main desktop's display manager - that's all perfectly normal stuff to change a day before you sign off the release, right? I'm pretty confident this is fine!

But seriously folks, I think it turned out to be a pretty good sausage, like most of the ones we've put on the shelves lately. Please do take it for a spin and see how it works for you.

I'm also really happy about the Lenovo announcement. The team working on that has been doing an awful lot of diplomacy and negotiation and cajoling for quite a while now and it's great to see it pay off. The RH Fedora QA team was formally brought into the plan in the last month or two, and Lenovo has kindly provided us with several test laptops which we've distributed around. While the project wasn't public we were clear that we couldn't do anything like making the Fedora 32 release contingent on test results on Lenovo hardware purely for this reason or anything like that, but both our team and Lenovo's have been running tests and we did accept several freeze exceptions to fix bugs like this one, which also affected some Dell systems and maybe others too. Now this project is officially public, it's possible we'll consider adding some official release criteria for the supported systems, or something like that, so look out for proposals on the mailing lists in future.


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