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The last couple of days I’ve mostly just kept up with the forums. I’ve been having mirror problems (carroll is down), so it’s been hard to work on anything else. I did take a quick look at packaging XBMC, but frankly, it’s a giant ball of hair, I just…ew. Tomorrow I’m planning to look at […]


Well, today was a yak-shaving day par excellence. (Yak shaving, if you didn’t know, is a term used to describe the situation where one perfectly normal thing leads you to do another perfectly normal thing, and so on and so on, until you find yourself shaving a yak). I started off still working on the […]


Well, hope everyone’s enjoying the season. Over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I was mostly working on the great Python rebuild: misc has bumped Python in Cooker to version 2.6, which requires rebuilding just about every Python-related package in the distribution, of which there’s several hundred. So I’ve been working on that, along with misc […]


Trying to get back to writing down what I’m doing a bit more often, so… Today I handled the 2009 Spring Alpha 1 release. Wrote the Wiki page for the release, then wrote initial versions of the Release Notes and Errata for 2009 Spring. Sent out announcements of the release to various places (OS News, […]

Student. Teacher.

As one who has dabbled in the art of the controversial blog post myself, I must bow down before a master when I recognize one: Exhibit A. I was particularly tickled by the line: “You don’t get to come late to the party a decade later, buy up a couple of small companies, and then […]

How I Spent My Weekend

…well, I watched two hockey games and a lot of football. But other than that… The official Mandriva Tcl packaging policy is now live. It’s basically the Fedora one with a couple of changes. Thanks, Mysterious Fedora Tcl Policy Writing Guy, whoever you are. Kompozer – the HTML editor formerly known as nvu – now […]

Happy metrics on community growth

OK, the title makes sense if you read Planet Mandriva 🙂 This is in response to the outrageous FUD of that still-having-a-job bastard Vincent Danen ;), who is all doom and gloom about the Mandriva community. Poppycock, says I! Thanks to the incredibly useful WayBack Machine, I pulled out some interesting numbers on the Mandriva […]

The dangers of perception

I just received a spam email with the subject line “FÉLICITATION !!!!! (ceci n’est pas un spam )”. Magritte would’ve been so proud.


Well, I don’t normally write much about personal stuff here, but it’s just getting too much now. I woke up an hour ago and since then my partner called to tell me he’d been fired for “complaining about his job to his staff”, and my Mum called to tell me my Dad’s had another seizure […]

hv3 – light Tcl/Tk-based web browser

Thanks to an article on freesoftwaremagazine by Gary Richmond, I learned of hv3 (and the tkhtml3 and tclsee widgets it’s based on), a very lightweight browser based on Tcl/Tk with Javascript rendering capability (which is important, as most very light browsers can’t do JS). It has a somewhat messy structure and buildsystem and relies on […]