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Come work for us: Red Hat is looking for a(nother) Fedora QA community person

Are you interested in working for Red Hat? Got experience working in F/OSS communities – particularly the Fedora community? Do you have or can you convincingly fake some kind of understanding of or at least interest in QA, or at least QA as practiced by Fedora (which bears little resemblance to anything you can study […]

A plea to regular Linux journalists: include an email address

I’m noticing a worrying/annoying trend in Linux journalism lately: quite a lot of authors don’t have an easily-discoverable email address any more. If their articles include an email address at all, it’s one that obviously gets routed through a feedback desk at the publisher of the particular article in question, which is often useless when […]

KDE 4.9 Test Day today!

Anything the Desktop team can do, the KDE team can do as well, it seems: following on the heels of last week’s GNOME Test Day, today is KDE Test Day! If KDE is your desktop of choice, today’s the day you can join the KDE packagers to test out KDE in the upcoming Fedora 18 […]

GNOME 3.6 Test Day today!

It’s that Test Day time again, folks! Depending on where you are, tomorrow or today – Thursday 2012-11-08 – is GNOME 3.6 Test Day. We’ll be testing various areas of GNOME to ensure the desktop is working smoothly for the upcoming Fedora 18 release. If you have some time to drop by and help GNOME […]

There is no internet

Today in random philosophical pontification… I think now is the point at which I should use my power as Grand Poobah of Everything to declare that everyone except network engineers should stop talking about ‘the internet’, please. There no longer is ‘an internet’, except at the physical / protocol level which smart network engineers maintain, […]

Another ‘living in the future’ moment

So I just saw this post in the planet Fedora feed, and by the time-honoured romance language trick of ‘all the words probably mean something a bit like a similar word in one of the other languages’ decided it was probably interesting. So I fed it to Google Translate, and got a perfectly decent and […]

Active Directory integration Test Day Thursday (2012-10-18)!

It’s Test Day time again, folks. This Thursday, 2012-10-18, is Active Directory integration Test Day. This Test Day is focusing on the Active Directory integration feature, which combines several improvements that together aim to ensure that Fedora can act as a member of an Active Domain out of the box. This is one of those […]

Thoughts on Iain M. Banks’ ‘Use of Weapons’, as I have nowhere else to put them

I realize this is the second time I’ve somewhat randomly dumped a large splurge of thoughts on an Iain M. Banks book, but hey, it’s my site. 🙂 There is nothing to do with Fedora or Red Hat here. But I suspect there’s a reasonable degree of overlap between F/OSS people and Banks fans, so […]

This week is Graphics Test Week!

It’s that good ol’ time again: Fedora 18 Graphics Test Week is here. It all kicks off tomorrow (or today, depending on your timezone) – Tuesday 2012-09-25, with Nouveau (NVIDIA) Test Day. Then Wednesday 2012-09-26 is Radeon Test Day, and Thursday 2012-09-27 is Intel (graphics) Test Day. These events are simply meant to let us […]

Test Days tomorrow: OpenStack and internationalization (i18n)

We’ve had a few false starts, but the Fedora 18 Test Day cycle kicks off in earnest tomorrow with two events: the OpenStack Test Day and the internationalization (i18n) Test Day. OpenStack is one of the leading F/OSS cloud implementations and has been getting a lot of attention both within Fedora and in the wider […]