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A Mandriva Christmas present: latest NVIDIA and ATI drivers for Cooker, 2008 and 2007 Spring

Well, Anssi and I might not quite look like elves, but we act like them sometimes! Indeed, your Christmas present from Mandriva is the latest NVIDIA and ATI drivers packaged for all supported Mandriva distributions. Updated for the latest drivers (February 2008) and better instructions to avoid the DKMS bug. The latest drivers are ATI […]

Nokia 6300: de-branding, upgrading, Linux

So I just got a new phone. My contract with Fido was up, and I was just going to let it go and stick with my V360 till the Neo1973 is available in a really usable form, but my boyfriend decided he wanted a 6300 so I extended my contract and got it, and now […]

Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring Alpha 1 “Barlia” released

Yep, the first alpha of 2008 Spring is out, with the latest KDE, GNOME, kernel and lots of other fun stuff. It’s also unreasonably stable for a first alpha. One and Free editions are available (one of the last remaining problems in the 2008 release cycle was that we didn’t do a One pre-release until […]

2008 Spring development update

The first major milestone of 2008 Spring development arrived today: the 2008 Spring area of the Wiki was created. The top page is here. More interestingly, the development page – including the tentative release schedule – was added. You will also find the general and detailed technical specifications pages, listing the planned features for this […]

PulseAudio for 2008.1

For those who don’t follow the Cooker list, it’s recently been announced that Mandriva will switch to using PulseAudio as its default sound server for all desktops in the next release. Several other distros have announced plans to do this, and Fedora has been doing it since Fedora 8, but it’s rather more complex for […]


A lovely article on a French government agency’s attempt to compel eBay to accept regulation in France, like all other auction houses… Typical meaningless bullcrap from eBay representative: “The company said that the regulations should not apply because it is not an auction house, just a facilitator. “EBay has invented a new way of buying […]

New 2008 Flash released

So many of you wondered if it was coming, glad to be able to give the happy news – we released the new 2008-based Flash today. This version is based on shiny new 2008, is $10 / 10€ cheaper than the old Flash, and has some cool new features – I haven’t got one to […]

Misc stuff

Still playing Super Mario Galaxy and enjoying the hell out of it. I’m up around 90 stars now and still working through the final hub. I just ‘unlocked’ the red stars in the hub world but I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be added as extra stages in some galaxies yet, or what (it’s […]

Data loss and other pontifications

The Register rejoices in the fairly unusual status of having a remarkably clueful readership. This article – a database professional’s evaluation of the massive screwup whereby a U.K. government agency lost personal (including banking) details of nearly half the nation’s population in the post – is a gem, but the comments are even better. The […]

Guitar Hero III – no, thanks

So I see the new Guitar Hero is out. Some choice quotations from the IGN review: “…but this title does play a tad different than what you’re probably used to if you’ve been following the series closely. For starters, the window of time in which you can successfully hit a note has been extended by […]