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Package-specific test case project: news, and a mockup

Package-specific test case project: news, and a mockup

So I’m still working on my current big QA project, package-specific test cases – this started out as ‘critical path package test cases’, but it became clear as I was working on laying out a model for this that that wasn’t the best way of looking at it; not all test cases relating to a […]

Scratch my itch, damn you

So, lately almost every comment I post is authenticated by either Disqus or OpenID, using my Fedora OpenID. Something cool about Disqus is that if I go to my profile page there, I can see all the comments I have posted lately. Or, y’know, ever. This is awesome. It allows me to go back and […]

recaptcha: level up!

Is it just me, or are recaptchas getting harder lately? I seem to be getting words that are archaic, or misspelled, or obscure proper nouns, or use non-Roman characters. I think they ran out of the easy stuff. I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I can’t pass recaptcha any more =)

Fixing the intertubes

Jim Gettys is a hero, and I highly recommend sticking with his recent series of blog posts. Yes, those long, initially apparently slightly nutty rants about ‘bufferbloat’. He’s just fixing the Internet, is all. I confidently predict his stuff will find its way into exactly no mainstream news (and probably very little tech press news), […]

Yak shaving and other pursuits

So, I’m still shaving the ol’ yaks on Unity packaging. It’s coming! The F15 Test Day schedule is shaping up nicely, should be a good active round of events. My other big current project, the package-specific test case framework, is coming along too, though I keep hitting little things I hadn’t quite thought of; I […]

Annoying things #16,578: annoyingly over-clever location based pages

No, Wikimedia Foundation Donation Page, just because I am currently accessing you from the UK, I do not necessarily wish to donate to your UK arm in UK currency. You may be unfamiliar with the concept of ‘travel’ (or, for that matter, ‘proxy servers’ or ‘tor’), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Moral: if […]

For the amusement and edification of the General Publick

Tip: if you ever think to yourself ‘hey, I can save a bunch of money on international plug adapters by just buying one US to UK plug adapter, and plugging a US multi-socket extension cable into it!’…don’t. Well, if you’re looking for a loud cracking noise, some exciting sparks, and a moderately-sized section of burnt […]

Unity, hardware failures, and F15 QA

So, I bet everyone’s just dying to hear what’s going on with Unity, right?! Well, I’ve been co-ordinating with various people both Fedora-side and Ubuntu-side to resolve the various roadblocks to getting it done. I’m happy to say that, tentatively, I think we’ve done that now. The major issues were problems with various probably-trademarked images […]

Unity on Fedora? Possibly!

So, Jef Spaleta apparently has an unfortunately precise and quite possibly malicious memory. He remembered a post I allegedly made on some blog or other a few months back (though I will maintain in front of any court that it wasn’t me, or if it was, I was probably drunk) volunteering to package Unity for […]

More n900 sync pain

So, I finally found an open source groupware server setup I can manage to sync successfully OTA with the n900. Zarafa, plus Z-Push (which provides ActiveSync connectivity for Zarafa), does the job. I can then use the n900’s Mail for Exchange thingy to sync with the server. The hilarious catch? You can’t actually sync Evolution […]