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America. Odd.

America has a (possibly inaccurate, but nevertheless there) international reputation for competitiveness and brutal corporate efficiency. To a bewildered outsider like me, this makes college football even more inexplicable. I like football, in the American sense. It’s a smartly designed game which, for me, kicks the crap out of the English football. Despite not being […]

Merry Christmas (release)!

I love Fred Lepied. The first 2006.0 Club release has an updated Yaaaay! Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂

Monkey for hire

As a vague followup to the previous post, I thought I might as well stick this page up. Part of my Mandriva work is copyediting / proofreading; if you need anything of this nature done, I’m available to do it freelance. I work quickly and professionally. Rates are entirely negotiable based on factors including but […]


I love bills. So today’s mail contained two great pieces of news – 1, my cellphone decided for no apparent reason to download 7MB of…something last month, which will cost me the princely sum of $70 over my usual phone bill, and 2, the electricity bill is due a month before I thought it was […]


Thanks to Pascal Terjan for pointing out the solution to my Evo problem – change the delivery method on those accounts to None. I’m still angry, though. Just because I CAN be angry. 🙂


Just _who_ had the incredibly stupid idea to stop you sending email from disabled accounts in Evolution? I only want to RECEIVE mail from one account, my IMAP server, which aggregates the mail from my many providers. I want to SEND it from many accounts, though – sometimes I need the mail to come from […]

Linus is a troll.

So after ESR turned out to be a moron, now it seems Linus is a troll. Life’s full of revelations! What bothers me most about the infamous post is not that it’s wrong, although it is, but that it’s a horrible troll. Till posted a perfectly normal, productive, low-key request for discussion on how to […]

New hotness(es)

f-spot 0.15 finally supports exporting images to gallery2, so the gallery is now running gallery2 instead of gallery1 and looks much prettier. Yay. That’s new hotness #1. New hotness #2 is the new version of deskbar-applet, with live Beagle queries. This is so insanely cool it’s hard to describe, but everyone should have one.


Had a terribly bourgeois day on Friday – we went to the market on Granville Island (which isn’t really an island…) and bought some excitingly expensive pasta, meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, coffee and so forth. A nice change from Safeway and the Chinese supermarkets on Kingsway, and the stuff is pretty nice. Especially the pasta. […]

Round up

Bit of a round up after yesterday’s bitch post! What I omitted to mention yesterday was my Great Entertainment Rearrangement Project. I got paid unexpectedly early, so on Sunday I bought a new receiver, a Pioneer 815S. (Of course, immediately upon getting everything hooked up I discovered ten reasons I should have bought the higher […]