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Vista DRM

If you are at all interested in any way in playing any form of media on any computer, you need to read this. Yes, even if you don’t run and never intend to run Vista. It’s an amazing analysis, and it’s this kind of thing that *really* gets my goat about Microsoft and the RIAA […]


So, the author of that article got my email and rewrote the article. Score one for Science!

Idiot = journalist

Ah, so as this Independent article on the same subject makes clear, the idiot was the journalist, not the curator of the Zoological Society. It seems the theory was that the parthogenesis ability evolved in the normal fashion and the _reproductive advantage_ was that a female who evolved this ability swam to / was washed […]


I find it deeply worrying and hard to believe that either a science journalist with the BBC or the curator of the Zoological Society has no idea how evolution works, but it would appear to be the case. Spotted this gem in this BBC story about parthogenesis in giant lizards: “[The curator of the Zoological […]

Nat Friedman’s dirty little secret

Come on, Nat, don’t be ashamed, it’s not so hard to say… We know you’re professionally obliged to support SUSE Linux and all its chameleonic goodness. But we know the truth. Var Business magazine gave it away… Say it, Nat! You’re a Mandriva One user. There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? 🙂 (In case […]


An excellent post from Jono Bacon (the Ubuntu community manager). Should be required reading for anyone in a position like ours (working for a company in a role where your responsibilities include representing the user community).


Y’know, I’ve tried to like Windows. Really. I have. I’m willing to overlook its little foibles…its big foibles…and hell, even some downright blunders, but I just keep running up against things that put me into a cheerfully homicidal rage. Latest – Windows does not support multiple partitions on a USB storage device. Not even Windows […]

User registrations fixed

Sorry to anyone who tried to register for an account on here lately – I just realized the other day that I didn’t set up postfix when I moved the server to a VM, so the mails haven’t been going out. Registering should now work. If you registered an account but never got the password […]


Ladies and Gentlemen; I humbly post this notice for the benefit of those of you who today were expecting me to: Write a newsletter Make you truffles Call you Answer your calls Pay attention to you at all Rescue you from a burning building You may all address your complaints to Red Octane, makers of […]


So I spent the last couple of days working on the 2007 Errata. It was a lot of work but I’m quite proud of the result. It’s pretty exhaustive and I’ve got it almost perfectly in sync with official updates and Bugzilla: everything for which we’ve issued or are working on an update is listed, […]