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The crazy world of ebooks, again

Ah, the car crash world that is the ebook industry strikes once more. Most of the Flashman books showed up as ebooks just recently, and I’m off on vacation on Wednesday, so I figured I’d buy the ones I hadn’t read – perfect spot of light holiday reading. First I look in the native epub […]

Fedora 17 Test Days

Many thanks to John Dulaney, who’s taken on the task of Test Day co-ordinator for Fedora 17. He’s put up a post announcing the F17 Test Day cycle and explaining how to propose a Test Day (it hasn’t changed at all, so if you’re used to the process, go ahead and do it the usual […]

What’s going on in Fedora QA

I apologize for not updating this blog for a bit – there’s always one more thing that needs doing! However, just because I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean Fedora QA has been inactive – far from it. We managed to crawl across the Fedora 16 finishing line back in November, and we all took a few […]

Google Maps on N9 and N900: help, please, Google

So for months I’ve used to get a mostly-usable Google Maps interface for my N900. This seems to have been the standard way to do it for N9 users as well. (Ovi Maps is useless: its public transit routing is awful and it just doesn’t have the ‘interesting places’ database that Google Maps has, […]

PSA: bad nss update for F16 messing up yum

As Fabian Deutsch noted recently, some F16 users might be seeing yum somewhat inexplicably failing to download repomd.xml for the Fedora repositories, which will stop you being able to install updated packages. Seth Vidal mentioned in the comments that this was caused by a bad nss update. To complete the information, the offending build of […]

Stupid Fedora tricks

I decided to make the F17 jump early here Chez AdamW, and just for laughs, I hereby present the following Stupid Fedora Trick: That’s Neverball, running inside GNOME Shell, running in a Fedora 17 VM, on a Fedora 17 host. Unstable enough for ya?! Impressively, it’s just about playable, though the graphics are bit messed […]


listening to the end of Dancing with the Stars before Castle came on: “The impressive part [of tomorrow’s show]…Andrea Bocelli and Flo Rida!” *blink blink*

Fedora 16 is gold, but more importantly…

EDIT: A previous version of this post listed the release as 2011-11-10, it’s actually 2011-11-08, my error! We did not delay two days or anything. So we just got done signing off on the Fedora 16 release. It’ll be going out according to the (post-Beta) schedule, on 2011-11-08. Mark your calendars! It’ll be a fun […]

Random pontification: The end of work?

There’s a very interesting (if entirely wrong-headed) article over on Slashdot right now, and an even more interesting comment thread again. It’s essentially the classic Luddite argument brought back yet again: increasingly smart automation is going to make all human employment obsolete. We’ll have robots not just to grow food and make cars but “flipping […]

Getting It Rite

Reading this neat guide to writing git commit messages, a random thought occurred to me which I hadn’t actually seen written down anywhere before… I wonder how many guides to getting started in open source (whatever) include the single most important instruction I’ve ever come across, which applies to just about any action you can […]